ALERT: Short Story Writers!!!

Okay now that I have your attention.  The sole purpose of my blog is to help writers publish their works, gain a bigger and wider audience and have a place to publish their works for free to show a prospective employer one day.

So, here I was thinking! What if you took all your short stories and published them in a magazine instead of an eBook?!

Anyone who knows how to create a word document can create a magazine! There is one program I use where you can take your word documents and upload them as a file and the program turn it into a magazine format! 

Just think each month a small collection of your short stories in a magazine that you created that you can sell anywhere! And you can post the link of your magazine to any of your sites and share them with whoever you want too!!!

It’s just an idea, I had that if you wee interested go ahead and use it. It would be different and fun to do. 

One magazine program I used was Jilster. And the other one that you might like better is Joomag.


8 thoughts on “ALERT: Short Story Writers!!!

    1. Your very welcome! If I have any more ideas, I will post them on here as they come to me. Thank you, for letting me know you thought it was a good idea! 🙂


        1. Your welcome, I am still looking at all of your posts. I am not just liking your posts to help support you, but because you have interesting posts that I do really like. I will make more time to read all of your posts! 🙂


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