An Idea for Bloggers & Writers

Bloggers & Writers

Have you ever thought of creating a page just for your community of viewers and or fans?

Where you and other writers will take turns critiquing each others other work for an honest critique back? ” I’ll critique your writing, if you will critique my writing.” 

I think I am going to create a page that is designed just for honest critiques of my writings in return for honestly critiquing another writer’s writing. 

What do you you all think of that idea? You all are more than willing to use my idea on your own websites and or blogs and or fan pages.  But, I truly think the honest critique page is a must for all writers and authors alike!

It is the same approach the book reviewing sites use for reviews. But instead of reviews it will be critiques! 🙂

Happy Writing everyone! Hope this idea is helpful.  🙂

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