Are You an Author Desperately Needing a Book Review?

If you are an author who desperately needs a book review – 

1)  I can can write you a free review & post it on the following websites:

      a) GoodReads

      b) Amazon

     c) Indie’s Book Reviews

     d) Online Book Club

     e) Facebook

     f) Linked-In

    g) Twitter

    h) WordPress

2) Being an author you need more than one book review for you book. Why? Because the more book reviews you have the more people are willing to buy your book to read. People draw to books that have the most book reviews and rates.

     So, the way to gain more book reviews for free is to go to GoodReads and Amazon, load your book on there after creating an account. And occasionally once in a while post your book for free. This grads readers in. Once readers read your book they will leave you a book review. I should know! I am one of those book reviewers. I review books for 6 different sites! I know how this process works. I cant guarantee how many reviews you will get, but I can promise you that these tactics wil help your promote your book and boost your sales. 

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