Writing Internship Advice!

Writing Internship Advice

1) Search on online for not just the most popular and and well paid internships!

       Why? Because, most writing internships that pay wont hire you unless you have the writing experience!


2) Start off with a free writing internship. 

Why? Because this gives you the experience you need to apply for the paid internships that you want to do!


3) Writing Internships work with you. They work with your schedule and your time frame. 

Prove it:  I know this because I am a writing intern. And my mentor works with me to fit in the article writing with my crazy college classes, and other writing jobs. 


4) Search and apply for as many internships that you want to apply for. 

Why? Because you may only get one or two the may actually hire you. It’s worth applying for because you  never know who or when they will hire you as an intern! 


5) If you are wanting to be a writer, author or an editor I say go search and apply  for a writing internship!

Why? Because internships are free. And can be done online and fit to your schedule. Plus, they give you writing experience and feedback that helps build you as a writer. And gives you connections that you can use to apply for other writing jobs later on. 


If you are serious about writing and need the experience to gain a writing job, then I will recommend you going to: internships.com  

There create a profile, and a resume, and then type in  writing or creative writing, or editing, or marketing, and tons upon tons of internships both paid and non-paid will show up at your finger tips. I wish you all the best of luck! 🙂

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