Book Review: Cry Baby Cry…or Not by DeWandus Johnson

Cry Baby Cry or Not is a stunning realistic novel about life’s choices and decisions.  DeWandus Johnson, has a well written plot that shows us that sad but very real world that we live in. I found the characters to believably real and intriguing. This stunning book is a about a girl whose mother is born both blind and deaf and ends up pouring al her hate and anger at the world into her daughter. That is until her daughter can’t take it anymore and decides to leave. The daughter is soon caught up in a dangerous world that is both sad and ugly. Gangs, violence, and so much is seen by this girl.  One gangbanger in particular sets his sight on her and is instantly attracted to her because of her loyalty. Her personality draws in him closer as well.  Readers will enjoy reader this one girl and her adventure in life and where her decisions and choices lead her. I would definitely recommend this book to readers because it shows the realistic side of our world like it is today, that many do not see. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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    1. Your welcome! Thank you for telling me. I was assigned this book for reviewing by a company but the book was sent to me straight from the author. It was an interesting read.


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