Another Great Idea for Writers!

Another Great Idea for writers is to write about your character going against his or her stereotype.

1)  Such as a strong agent who loves to read mushy hot romance novels. You can show the feminine side of an gent who is strong, tough and shows no femininity to those she works with. What happens when she is assigned to work with a new agent? One that ends up unveiling the inner feminine soft girly side of her that no one else sees? 

2) Or have your nerdy  character be just as good at street fighting as he or she is with academics. 

These are just two examples of creating characters who go against their own stereotypes. This makes them believable and more intriguing to your readers. Gives them something refreshing to read. Something exciting to read compared to the usual more predictable stuff. 

6 thoughts on “Another Great Idea for Writers!

  1. I like both, but absolutely love the first prompt. I may tuck that one away and try to form a short story from it, when I take a break from my novel.


    1. What type of genre are you most interested in? I can post more ideas for you in that genre 🙂 Thank you!


      1. I mostly read and write YA, romance novels/ short stories. I like reading sci-fi and psychological thrillers but am not good at writing it. I also love mysteries, and am trying to tie in some mystery elements into my romance novel I’m writing.


        1. I have so much YA info for you then! Also, I write romances too. And I have dabbled in writing mysteries. I will post things you need to for YA, romance and mystery! I know a science fiction author who writes astounding science fiction fantasy! He would even answer all your questions and help you write science fiction for YA, if your interested?

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          1. That sounds great! I’m not actually writing sci-fi at the moment, but when I start, I’ll definitely take you up on that offer.


            1. Also, if you ever want to read any sci-fi books, let me know! His are so awesome. Im not into science fiction, and I love reading his! Your welcome 🙂

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