Spy Novel/ Thriller Suspense

This year, your character resolves to learn a foreign language.  S/he’s heard that the neighbor in the adjoining apartment is a language teacher and signs up for private lessons, which are held in the neighbor’s home.  But soon, s/he begins to suspect that this neighbor is more than just a language teacher.  S/he notices several unusual details in the neighbor’s home, and the neighbor is highly secretive about his/her life.  Now, if only your character could learn the language fast enough to understand those mysterious late night meetings s/he overhears through the apartments’ shared wall…


What is his/her neighbor really up to? Is the neighbor in trouble? Is the neighbor a dangerous criminal or wanted spy? What language is your character trying to learn? How does he/ she decipher the rest of the language on his or her own? And what happens to your character when he/she has learned what is actually happening? What new adventures and or threats come to your character’s way?

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