Writing Your 1st Sequel

Writing you first sequel can be hard if you do not know what makes up a sequel. And where do you place your first sequel? These can be easily answered.

– First your sequel comes right after your scene. Just like a scene, your sequel contains three important items.

What are these three items?

– The three components are reaction, dilemma, and the decision.

What is the reaction?

– The reaction is: Your character’s reaction to failing at his or her goal ( goal is the character’s want in the beginning of the novel). 

What is the dilemma?

– The dilemma is where your character doesn’t have any good options to choose from to act upon. But he or she will finally choose the least worse option and then decide to act upon it.

What is the decision?

– The decision is the choice that the character choose from during their dilemma. Remember to make y=sure your character’s decision is risky & has a fifty percent chance of succeeding. This will help keep readers interested in reading more! 

Now on your own, write a sequel from your novel. Be sure that it contains only the reaction, conflict, and the dilemma! 


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