Mystery Writers & Authors Alert!!!!

I had to share this with you all!!!


Short Story Submissions:

We welcome your short stories at New Mystery Reader magazine!  Just a couple of rules to follow when submitting;  please send email of interest before submitting full story.  Only stories under 2,500 words will be accepted.   And last but not least, you must be the sole owner of your story.  Most stories will remain posted for a month, so there will be plenty of exposure!  We hope to hear from you!  At this time, we do not offer financial compensation, but one never knows what the future holds!


For article submissions:

Please email all query letters to for further consideration.  Include nature of article, intended length, or in the case of book reviews and summaries, please send the entire article.  Please note in your subject line “Article Query” to ensure reading by our editor.

We will notify you if your work will be published in an upcoming issue.

We are currently most interested in popular series discussions, author profiles, general mystery interest articles, and true crime stories.   


And if you’d like your book to be reviewed, please note the following: 


We welcome the chance to review new authors and titles at New Mystery Reader.  If you are interested in sharing your book with us, and more importantly, our readers (!), please write us at  Because of our several reviewers, we would appreciate a brief synopsis of your book, along any other relevant information so that we can forward it to the appropriate party.  We appreciate and value any effort made in the creation of words strewn together in order to create the next masterpiece, so please share with us, so that we may share with others…..


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