Writing Prompt

Your character is a teenager and desperately wants to borrow his/her father’s cool sports car to go to a party. The teenager thinks this car will be the key to social success. Your character’s father says that borrowing the car is out of the question. Dad loves the sport scar and is convinced that the teenager will wreck it. But the teenager is not about to give up so easily…

1) Write what happens next.

2) What happens to the car, when the teenager decides to take it without permission?

3) Write how the father finally decides to let his teenager use the car to only find both are gone.

4) Write what happens when the teenager takes the car and nothing bad happens. Plus,  the father didn’t even notice it missing. Will the teenager be lucky again? Or will their be an accident? 

4a) Write what happens if the accident happend to be tragic. The teen dies and watches as his/ her father is crying in agony hoping his teen would live. How does the teen feel? What does the teen try to do to console his/ her father? What happens to the father? Will the father end up drinking his life away? Or will he be able to survive the tragedy with the help of his teen’s ghost supporting him in the right direction? Or will the father find a new way to cope? A new love? Or help a child who is in need of a home? Or will the father be too upset and turn away that little child’s only hope of a good home? 


So, many possibilities with this writing prompt! I might have listed them all for you.

Enjoy Writing! 🙂

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