Homework Assignment #3

 Lisa Garner was just freshly recruited from the FBI training academy. Her whole family had someone form each generation that served as an FBI agent. Now, it was her turn. Her two older brothers Brian and Mike were already made agents four years ago and are now top commanding officers with their own teams. She has been assigned a new member of Nate Thorn’s team.

1- Write how Lisa is instantly disliked by her new boss/ team leader, Nate Thorn. Why does he not like having her on his team? How does this intensify Lisa terrible attitude towards Nate?

2- What happens when Nate and his team go on the first mission? When Nate specifically tells Lisa to stay put, she decides to go out against his orders. What happens when she does this?

3- Write how Lisa’s decision not to listen to Nate lands both him and her into grave mortal danger. 

4- How do they escape? And do they finally come to a truce before it’s too? 

5- Write how a romance heats up between them throughout the entire story. 

6- Will they survive the danger they are trapped? If so,  what happens between them after they survive? Will Lisa quit Nate’s team? Will Nate stop her from leaving?

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