Homework Assignment #4

Write about a fire fighter who risks his life saving others daily and how one day his finds his wife has cheated on him with on of his fire rescue buddies, and how his sister and her husband die in a house fire leaving behind a little girl. Being the only other family member that little girl has, he is given full custody of his niece. 

1- How does he handle the emotions from his cheating wife and best friend?

2- How does he deal with the death of his sister and her husband?

3- How does he go about taking care of his little niece? 

4- What happens when the house fire that killed his sister her husband turns out to be a planned murder? Who is behind it and why? Who do he police suspect?  Who does the fire fighter suspect of the murder?

5- What happens when they murderer decides to go after his little niece while he is out investigating who was behind the murders? Will he make it in time to save his niece? Or will he lose her too?

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