Article Writing

Article writing is so different from creative writing.

What is article writing?

– It is where you are given a topic to write about. You then have to do research on that topic before you begin writing. Once you found enough information on that topic, the next step is to follow the directions you were given on the type of article you need to submit. Such as an informational article. Then, write what you researched into your own words.

Articles are anywhere from 350- 500 words each.

I find article writing to be a challenge worth pursuing. Because it helps me to think and analyze what I am writing about. Plus, I learn many new things from my research.


6 thoughts on “Article Writing

    1. Yes, I do. First, I would go through some basic training by taking writing classes. The best ones to take that I would recommend are the ones offered by Universal
      They have excellent quality courses that give you hands on training and the information you need to know on how to do your freelance writing jobs. Plus, their courses are affordable and CEU credited. And they state how many contact hours of training each course is, and they are perfect for using to build your freelancing career! And you receive a certificate too.

      Next, I would make sure I have the proper equipment. Such as a laptop, and reference books handy.

      3rd- I would then look for an internship that is online. You can go to: They have online internships that will give you the experience you need and can brag about. Plus, they work with you to fit around your schedule. And some pay you!

      4th- I would then post your freelance writing career on sites such as Elance. There are sites that allow you to bid and post for a freelance job.

      5th- Post on your blog, Facebook, Linked-In,Twitter and any other social media you have about your freelance writing. Post that you are a freelance writer with experience in …….. and that you are accepting job requests for (name type of job). Also, post a way for others to contact you for a freelance job.

      And then you are all set! I wish you the best of luck!!!! πŸ™‚

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