Book Review: Marvelous Are Thy Works by Meiah Shaun

Marvelous Are Thy Works is an inspirational story told by a strong woman. The story encourages all black women to embrace their true hair.  The character of this story is easy for readers to connect with. Especially when as her life is going in the right direction, her friends are less and less. We all know that feeling. What was interesting was that I found the character to be just as strong and inspirational as Meiah Shaun, who wrote the beautiful and stunning novel.  The main character also goes through other issues throughout the story. Her boyfriend is busy building his career higher up in ranks and her two business partners have an issue going on between them.  I enjoyed reading this novel. It is not just a book that is inspirational to black women but to white women as well. White women should embrace their natural hair color too. A very emotional and delightful read is Marvelous Are Thy Works. I would highly recommend this novel to all women out there. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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