Today’s Writing

Write about what happens when your character who is a high school student gets into a car with his or her friends. Once they get into that car on that day, they will never be coming back.  


– Write about how their is a love triangle connected to this high school student’s death.

– Who committed the murder and why? What are each one of the friends motives?

– Write about how a trial comes to start. Does evidence from the prosecutor prove that one of the guilty is innocent? Why? And how? What other shocking truths come out in the court room? How are the parents of the missing teen holding up?

– Was the death really over someone the missing teen loved or was it more gruesome than that?

– Has this type of violence been happening before in the same area? 

– Where was the missing teen’s body? What new evidence comes to light?

– What sinister things are about to occur, now that the body has been found?

– Will someone pose as the missing teen and kill others? Saying it was the ghost coming back for revenge? How much is truth and how much are lies?



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