All it took was just one look, and I immediately knew he was mine.

The heat within his amber eyes reflected back the same heat and desire. 

Before I knew it, he captured my lips with his. Gently kissing them softly and creating tiny little moans from deep inside me. 

Who knew kissing would have such an affect on a gal. Until Kevin, I didn’t know what real desire was. 

I took the liberty of speeding up our moment. I wanted much..much more! 

“Sadie…” He softly moaned my name by me ear.  

Feeling him harden beneath me only speed up my pulse. I could hear my heart beat drumming in my ears. 

I slid my body over his, and slip directly into place. 

For several moments we stilled, staying that that position. Almost as though we were savoring this special moment. I felt  a rush of electricity flow through me. I wanted to purr like a kitten.  When I started to move, it was driving Kevin insane. I knew he was trying to hold out waiting for me to reach it with him. But I kept  at my pace, wanting to watch and feel him shatter beneath my body. 

It didn’t take long. Just a few strokes back and forth before..


“Aw, fuck!”

Kevin was then grasping my thighs forcing me to move even faster. I loved every moment of making the man I love come undone. I soon was on the tip of my own cliff. Falling.. into a complete overall bliss.  Before rolling over, I remember being kissed gently and the soft whisper of ..

“I love you, Sadie.”


It must have been morning, I could hear the the vaccum going on in the next room. Turning over I wanted to see if Kevin was awake or still asleep.  The spot next to me on the bed was empty. Only a slight dent giving away any clues that Kevin was there. I decide to get up and see if he was in the shower. Passing the small table, I peek into the bathroom. Nothing. No sign of Kevin. Where was he? Why did he leave with not telling me? I walked back to the night stand by our bed. No notes, no messages. Nothing.  It would appear that I just dreamed up last night. But I know deep down that it was real. That and the one tiny spot of blood upon the bed sheets spoke of our act from last night. Kevin did take me. And now I was his. His woman forever.  Our kind didn’t causally have sex. It was for life. We mate for life, unless one of us dies. So, the question was… Where is Kevin? And why disappear without telling me? Something in my gut was saying it wasn’t because he wanted to, but because he had no choice to. 





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