Book Review: 5 Star Selling from Beginning to Excellence by Lee Davis

5 Star Selling from Beginning to Excellence by Lee Davis is an excellent source of wisdom passed onto those who are entrepreneurs and into sales. Lee gives his readers his wisdom and experience in sales from start to finish. His words not only help you understand the basics and how to get there but how to keep being successful. There is abundant of information that you could find anywhere, but Lee Davis’s novel gives you everything in a format that is brief, relevant, and handy information. Plus, Lee Davis is an excellent teacher and writer. His way of sharing his experience and expertise in his book is amazing! He has over 35 years of knowledge in selling and sales management. I learned a lot from his book! There are tips and strategies that will help me boost my own sales and gave me the knowledge of how to communicate and handle everyday things with customers as well. Those who are beginners or are wanting to touch up your skills in sales, I highly suggest you pick up Lee Davis’s book and start reading! You won’t be disappointed when you do! I rate this brilliant novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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