Book Review: Risking It all by J. M. Stewart

Risking It All is a fabulous romantic read! This is one romance that readers will fall hard for every time. The story is about two friends who have been the best of friends since they were age 10.  Now as adults, the two best friends start to feel a strong attraction towards the other one. Both are afraid that they will lose their best friend if they let their feelings show for the other one. But as time goes on, they eventually let their guards down pushing aside their fears. Ceci is afraid that after making love to her best friend Kyle that she will lose him and their friendship. Kyle finally feels at peace after letting loose his feelings towards Ceci. Making love to her last night felt so right, he never wants to let go of her. Ceci is pregnant with another man’s child, and is wanting to find out about her parents. She asks Kyle to help her find out about her parents. Only she doesn’t know tht he already knows what happened to them. He found out about her parents around the time Ceci’s grandmother was dying. Her grandmother made Kyle promise not to tell Ceci about her parents. Ceci went through tons of nightmares as a child because she remembered images of what happened that day with her parents. But she doesn’t realize that her nightmares are of what happened to her parents. Until, Kyle’s brother comes by and lets it slip. Ceci over hears them talking about it. Will Ceci let this ruin her relationship with Kyle? Or will she forgive? Will they go back to being just friends? Or will their friendship be ruined because Kyle never told her about her parents? I highly recommend reading this romantic novel between two best friends. I loved reading this story! J. M. Stewart definitely knows how to write a heart melting mystical romance novel. I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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