Book Review: While You Were Writing by Virginia Nelson

Fall Outlet EventWhile You Were Writing is a dazzling romance novel! The man character is a male writer who poses as as old man to his town. One day while at the grocery store, the male writer acts like a grumpy old man tossing items on the floor and putting other items in his pockets. Nearby, a brother and sister make a bet over the old man. The sister works her way into finding out more about the “old man”. She proposes the idea of her staying at his house to work on her art work.  The writer tries to brush her off, but this woman sticks to trying to persuade him to let her stay at his house. He finally agrees to let her stay at his house and immediately regrets telling her that she could. Once at his house, she finds out he is a hoarder! And that the “old man” is actually not old. Despite his rule about not touching him, the female artist manages to break the rule many times. Their attraction seems to grow little by little. Will this artist be able to break this man into a nice human being or will all her attempts to tame him go to waste? Will the writer fall in love with the beautiful artist? Or will he stay being a hermit? I highly enjoyed reading Virginia Nelson’s novel. Her two main characters were the perfect opposites that worked quite well together for this incredible story. A very well written plot that keeps you guessing! I definitely would recommend this stunning book readers everywhere! I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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