Book Review: Love Without End by Robin Hatcher

Love Without End is an excellent romance novel! I enjoyed reading this book! I couldn’t put the book down! The story is about a woman her 15 year old daughter who are trying their best to live on. But their lives all come to a change. A hard working rancher dedicates his life to his sons and his horses especially after losing a son and then having his wife walk out on him and his other sons. He tries pulling himself together just Kimberly and her daughter. Unexpectedly an older woman steps in and pulls both Kimberly and Chet together. Helping two people who have suffered loss find a love that never ends. This stunning realistic tale will have readers re-reading the book over and over again! It’s easy to connect with both Kimberly and Chet  throughout the novel because we all have suffered a great loss in life and can relate to the character’s feelings and decisions as their lives are changed forever. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone to read! Robin Lee Hatcher has a plot that is unforgettable! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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