Author Interview with Science Fiction Fantasy Author, Daniel J. Darcey

1) Did you always know that you wanted to be an author? If, not what made you decide to become one?
         -Actually this was a spur of the moment that was pushed to the forefront of my thoughts in High School many years ago. In 10th grade the idea began to form in my English class as we were studying the different genres. We did the original Fairy Tales from Grimm, and Andreson. Then we moved on to Science Fiction. With the two genres fresh in my mind I began to imagine a reality of what would happen if all these various Fairy Tales characters, good and evil all of a sudden encountered Aliens, Machine, and Super Humans. But since no such story existed, at least the way I imagined, I decided to write it myself. From the old original Fairy Tales and even the Disney versions of them along with the more contemporary and first Science Fiction tales. I eventually figured out how to merge them together. I generated a new way to make a new kind of story. It has obviously gone through through a series of rewrites. The final version is the 9th one.
2) What is the name of your very first book that you wrote? And can you tell us readers what it is about?
         -The very first book that I ever made was called the Two Sisters. It was about Princess Asora and Queen Laxur. Their original tale was as long and was the original name for Dark Rage. Originally Princess Asora was just like any Disney Princess. She has magic and she was very plain. Queen Laxur was just plain evil and wicked. The Next book would become the Forerunner to Rise of the Federation. It was called The Red Storm. Praetor D’var was originally a Computer A.I. and a terrifying threat. He was to be the SciFi force. Eventually I was not happy with the first versions. So they go through several more rewrites.
3) What advice would you give to other Science Fiction Fantasy writers? Any tips?
          -When designing a convincing Alien nation. Think of everything beyond the Military. A civilization needs infrastructure. It’s okay to model your nation after an existing Earthly nation if you which. But mix things up a bit in some area’s. Like Traditions, or even Military tactics. If you want to go all out in creating a whole culture. Just remember that this is a lot of work, But it will be worth it.
4) What is the hardest part about writing within your genre?
          -To be honest. Making up all the names and coming up with ideas and things that haven’t been tried before. Like the Utopian Kingdom is an amalgam of magical races that have very Human like aspirations. The Darkcon Empire who are designed to be evil, but in fact are just disgruntled and not really bad at all. The Federation, is a Multiverse spanning power that is a very American/Russian and Roman combined. As for the Humans themselves, in fantasy I was and still am tired of Humans as the biggest pricks. So I made them more advanced technologically and just plain different.

5) How many books have you written so far? And can you tell us the the names of each book?
          -I have 13 planned for the series. I’ve completed 3 and I’m working on a 4th one.
6) Who is your favorite villain from your stories? And why?
          -Well I have 2 actually. My two first antagonists, Queen Laxur, and Praetor D’var. Laxur, I made her to be as powerful, intimidating and seductive as possible. She was alluring, smart, strong, and confident. But she is very emotional, she suffers the same problems as we all do. She moves the story effectively and is just plain fun to write about. As for D’var, he is a tough, and scary militant alien leader. But He was not evil like Laxur was. In fact D’var was in a different category. To give you a modern world idea from the media. Queen Laxur is a similar equivalent to Regina Mills from Once Upon A Time, as for Praetor D’var at first he is similar to the Didact from Halo 4. Later he changes. In fact both of them change grow and develop. Signs of well rounded characters.
7) Who is your favorite hero in your novels? And why?
          -Again I have 2. Princess Asora and Fleet Admiral Yane. My final version of Asora is so much better. Asora has the fire and knowledge of a real ruler, like Cyrus the Great of Persia. Asora a magical princess with a love for science and technology. I made her into force for positive change. Admiral Yane I like because he represents the navy side of me. Each character has a piece of me in them. Asora is the part of me that knows what to do, but is forced to keep in step. Yane is the sailor that is a leader trying to prove himself. These two work well together and help one another.

8) Name one scene in your your latest book that you really enjoyed writing about.
          -That would have to be Chapter 6 in Rise of the Federation. In this chapter Praetor D’var is introduced officially for the first time. This was the culmination of a scene that I’ve always wanted to see. Basically imagine the Borg from Star Trek or the Covenant from Halo all of a sudden appeared in a classic Fairy Tale story and wrecked havoc. The encounter between Laxur and D’var was what I would have thought that might have happened between the two types. Asora is literally a cross between a Fairy Tale Princess (Disney or otherwise) and a Tech Master like Tony Stark from Iron Man and Bruce Wayne from Batman.
9) Who would say was the hardest character to come up with? And why?
           -The hardest Character That I had to build was both Sargon and Alasia. These two are the origin of all the chaos and if you are interested, I’m making a series of Prequel novels that describe them. The reason why they were hard was because to be able to top both Laxur and D’var was hard. I also tried to avoid what I called average cartoonish super villainy. I spent years perfecting Laxur and D’var to be powerful antagonists and different from the rest. Unfortunately I ended up making average Cartoonish villains, so I tried to compensate for this with a more interesting origin story and different methods to their ways.
10) How long did it take you to finish your first novel?
           -To finally finish Dark Rage took 12 Years. I also worked on Rise of the Federation and Redemption at the same time. So 12 to 13 years all together. this is year 14.
11) When writing what inspires you most?
           -Many things actually. Many of the Grimm Fairy Tales, Hans Christen Anderson Tales, and the Disney films. From the SciFi side Mostly Star Trek (all of them), Halo (later on), Independence Day, War of the Worlds, Time Machine, and Aliens. Mixing all that together was hard, but it got easier over time. Personally Having Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends coming across the Xenomorph held a certain (if odd) appeal. Or the wicked witches all of a sudden are attacked by the UNSC or StarFleet Away Teams. (Again an odd like to see).  O.O
12) Where can readers find and purchase your books?
           -For now only on Amazon Kindle ebook downloads. I’m working on making hard copies, once I can get the money to make hard copies.

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