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Dear Viewers,

Today, I recently received a hardback copy of a novel called, Forty Acres. In this novel, a story unlike any other takes place.  A story that leaves a chill running down your spine. The author wrote a story about a place where black men who are wealthy and have high positions in life created a world in which the white men are the slaves and the black men are called “masters”.  Slavery of any kind is a chilling and horrific thing to happen. This unique novel tells us what happens when the opposite races switch positions. Now the white men are suffering through what the black slaves suffered for so long.

A black high profile lawyer makes new friends. These new friends take him to a place where he is separated from those he loves and placed in a position to join the ranks of these “new friends” or to be killed. A place called Forty Acres.  I highly recommend all of you to pick up this thriller and read on what happens next. Will the lawyer choose to become a “master” or will he be chased for opposing his “new friends” in a world so completely different than the one we all know today.


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