Book Review: Dang Near Dead by Nancy G. West

Dang Near Dead is a fabulous exciting mystery read! The main character Aggie decides to do some sleuthing against her boyfriend Sam’s wishes. Their relationship gets rocky. Out in the West where the real cowboys live and among horses and snakes Aggie is on a vacation. But then a someone dies falling off a horse. Aggie doesn’t believe it was an accident. So, against her boyfriend’s wishes, she ends up stirring up a hive of angry cowboys. A lot of them wanting to go after Aggie for asking so many questions. Will she get into grave danger from her questioning? And will her boyfriend still be with her even though she went against him and decided to play detective? Or will Aggie be left alone to solve the mystery and handle whatever dangers come her way? I found this novel by Nancy G. West to be suspenseful, engaging, funny, and unique! I loved following Aggie as she asked questions and followed clues. I love a good mystery and a romance and this was both! I definitely would recommend readers to pick this stunning mystery up and read! You will fall in love with Nancy G. West writing just as I have! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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