Book Review: Mirror Images by Laurie Norlander

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Mirror Images is an exciting thriller murder mystery novel! I feel in love with it instantly! The conflicts are surprising and leave you guessing as to what will be happening next! The novel’s theme was believing in your faith. The main female character would keep placing more focus in her doubts than in her faith. The characters around her try helping her find her way back to faith. Little by little she slowly changes and sees things with a new set of eyes. The man she loves and cares for left her in New York and has been going through many troubles such as a major uncover investigation in which she gets herself entangled into. She goes about trying to solve the big murder case that involves the man she loves dead brother. Who killed him and why? All the town people give her different stories half of what they say is truth. All through the novel she is warned to go back home, where she lives in Chicago. But despite all the warnings and scary events that take place she manages to hold her own and stays on until the murderer is found. As the events unfold she struggles with trusting the man she loved. Is he quilt or innocent? Did he kill his brother for the three million dollars? To find out, I highly recommend picking this book up and reading the story! A fabulous read that will hook readers in a heart beat! I rate the book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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