Book Review: Nightmare Dance by David Gilbertson

This wonderful historical novel is an excellent read! A very informative book about five lives who impacted the Holocaust.  Two of the lives mentioned in this story are Nazis, one is a Jewish woman who turned her back on her own people, another was a king and the last but not least, a man who died a hero’s death in fighting back during this horrific time period.  David Gilbertson  has done an amazing job of retelling factual events in history that still haunt us today. I definitely would recommend everyone else to read his novel. This book will have a major affect upon every reader. War comes with a huge price and a destruction that impacts countless numbers of lives that were forever changed, lost, and turn apart. The Holocaust is one event in history that I shall never forget! And neither will many others especially after reading Nightmare Dance. I rate this unforgettable novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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