My Version of the 7th Book of Gallagher Girl Series Part 1

Cammie agreed to go on said co-op with Zach (aka boyfriend).  Last spring, Zach had recently found out from his mother that Agent Townsheid was indeed his father. After 18 years, Zach finally learns who his father is. At first Zach was angered by his father’s lack of knowledge that he had a child at all. Zach vouched he would never have kids. He didn’t want to be that kind of father to his kids. I know I am only 18 and so not ready to have kids yet, but that comment shocked me.  How was I to change Zach’s mind about kids when we both are only 18.  Both of us are future high ranking spies.  Agent Townsheid is our leader. He gives us our assignments.  I may no longer be in spy school but there is no way you can take the spy girl out of me.

“So, Gallagher girl, what do you think of our assignment?” Zach asked me.

“Interesting.” I simply replied back.

“Interesting? We are to go under cover  to a party at the Russian Embassy and all you say is interesting?”

“What am I suppose to say, Zach?”

“You could say how we are to go about as a couple and spend our first night alone without the help or backup of your Mom and step Dad? And without the usual help from the girls.”

Zach was right, this would be our first ever alone mission without any of them. Macey was a secret service agent, Bex was an MI6 and Liz was teaching at the Academy. Only Zach and I will be doing this co-op. And how do I feel about spending time as a couple alone in a suite with Zach?

“Gallagher girl, I won’t let anything happen to you,” he said coming closer to me and before I could reply back his lips gently brushed mine. Then deeping the kiss, until I heard soft  moans coming forth from my lips. So this is what spending time alon with Zach will be like. But will we be able to stay focused on our mission and snatch the intel we need on the Russian Ambassador? And should the spy girl in me be more pleased to be spending more time with Zach alone or more afraid? I wasn’t sure which. Just as our kissing grew hotter the phone rings.

Zach steps away and answers the phone. How is he not out of breath? Shaking my head I walk towards the phone.

“Yes, she is here. Yes, I will. Okay, here she is.” Turning to me and handing the phone over Zach whispers, “It’s your mom and Mr. Soleman.”

“Hi Mom,” I said hoping my breathing was under control by now.

“Hey sweetie, just calling to check up on you. So, we have heard you and Zach are going on your first official mission alone.”

“Yeah, we are.”

“You will be fine, Cammie. I know you and I trust having Zach with you.” Mr. Soleman told me.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Love you sweetie. Best of luck!” Mom said before hanging up.

Zach stood against the wall reading up the files for our co-op.

“When do we leave?” I ask him.

“We will be leaving tonight, so we will need to quickly pack our bags and prepare our lines for tomorrow.”

Tonight at roughly 12:30 pm,  Zach and I will officially start our mission.

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