Book Review: To Everything a Season by Lauraine Snelling

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Lauraine Snelling’s dazzling romantic novel will capture every readers’ heart! Her story is about a woman named Miriam coming to a small town called Blessings. Miriam is working on becoming a nurse for a position in Chicago. This paid position would help her support her family. But once she is within the small town, she meets a man named Trygve Knutson. Trygve is a devoted family man who falls for Miriam. Will Miriam leave Blessings and leave behind her only chance at love? Or will she choose to stay on in Blessings and capture her love instead? I highly enjoyed reading this beautifully written plot with strong characters! The characters are easy to connect with on a realistic scale. I love when life does provide a happening ending. I definitely recommend all of you to pick this up and start reading! I rate the book a 5 out of  5 stars!

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