Book Giveaway will begin tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning a book giveaway will begin!

The author of a  2014 Indie-Reader Discovery Award for Popular Fiction, Rose Senehi, will be giving away 10 copies of her novel called, Dancing On Rocks!

There will be a form for all of you to fill out for a chance to win one of the ten copies! The author will choose ten lucky winners to receive a copy of her novel.

The giveaway begins tomorrow morning and ends on October 31st.






Simmering beneath the skin and hiding around every corner are a family’s painful memories of a child who disappeared in the middle of the night 25 years ago.
Nursing her mother back to health wasn’t all that drew Georgie Haydock back to the mountain tourist town of Chimney Rock. The summer roils as her mother thrashes in her bed, insisting that the strange woman stalking her store downstairs is Georgie’s missing sister. Georgie aches to reunite with the hometown boy she never forgot. But she fears all the summer’s turmoil will force her to unveil the secret that drove her away from him 13 years earlier. For his part, naturalist Ron Elliott doesn’t care what Georgie did all those years back. She’s the one creature he’s always yearned to possess.
Dancing on Rocks weaves through a network of memories, secrets, and mutual dependencies twisting through this isolated community of 112 at the foot of Chimney Rock State Park. Thousands of visitors stream through this tourist destination every week, but in reality, the people in the small village have only each other.
Thanks for considering this. This summer it was given the 2014 Indie-Reader Discovery Award for Popular Fiction.

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