Writing Suspense?

Here are some tips when writing your suspense novel:

1.  Your protagonist needs to be in trouble from the start!

2. A dramatic question needs to pop up in your plot that be resolved in the most unusual         way that will drag your character into conflict.

3. Never let your character be comfortable and safe.  Always let their be danger lurking           around the corner and let your character feel like danger is near and cant rest until the         very end.

4. Create a character sketch containing each one of your characters along with their                  conflicts.

5. Double-space your novel using 12 sized font.

6. Divide your novel into four major sections. Create a unique twist for each one of the four     sections that will lead into the next section!

7. Be sure to use red herrings, subtle hints, and clues about each one of your twists coming    up. But be sure to not make them predictable!

8. Alternate character POV’s. Meaning, chapter one is from one character’s point of view         ending with a cliffhanger and then chapter two is from a different character’s point of           view ending with a cliffhanger. And etc..

9.  3rd person point of view is the easiest one to use!

10. Murder Scene – keep the killer’s identity a secret by writing the scene from the victim’s         perspective. Keep the victim form acknowledging who the killer is.

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