Book Review: Dancing On Rocks by Rose Senehi


Dancing On Rocks is a fascinating romantic read that will leave you falling for more.   Rose Senehi, has a talent for creating believable characters, intrigue, and an addictive love story! Georgie Haydock heads back home to Chimney Rock to nurse her mother back. There is a man who is deeply attracted to Georgie and he will do everything he can to have her as his woman. But with things from Georgie’s past keep her from the man who wants her. Will everything turn out okay in the end? Will this man let Georgie’s past keep him form going after her? I highly enjoyed reading this contemporary fiction novel from the beginning! I definitely would recommend others to hurry up and pick up this incredible novel and stunning plot that will keep you reading all night. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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