Book Review: Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek


Finding Home by Roxanne Snopek is the perfect romance novel to read. I highly enjoyed reading this novel. The head female character heads back to a place where she broke a man’s heart. She was the wrong kind of girl for him but he still loved her. Now that she is back and with a daughter of her own she doesn’t need to worry about having a man in her life. But soon her daughter finds her way into the very man who her mother once was in love with. This man finds deep within himself that he is still in love with this woman and especially her daughter who has wrapped her way around the man’s heart. But will the woman let this man back in her life when all she is trying to do is give her daughter the best life possible? Will this  couple’s love reignite? Or will the man’s heart be broken once more? I would definitely recommend reading this incredible novel and find out what happens. Roxanne Snopek’s well written plot and strong characters will lure you deep right into her novel! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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