Book Review: The Path of the Crooked by Ellery Adams

New York Times bestselling author, Ellery Adams, has written the most incredible and highly intriguing mystery series ever! In this first book of her series, The Path of the Crooked, Cooper Lee joins the Bible study group at her Church only to get a lesson in murder. The woman who invited her to join the study group is found murdered! Cooper Lee and her study group set out to find the real culprit behind the murder. They won’t let the dead woman’s kind loving husband go to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.  A blind folk artist, a  meteorologist, a web developer who tries catching Cooper Lee’s interest are all in the group trying to help find the real murderer. Not only is this brilliant first novel a murder intrigue mystery but also a humorous romance as well! I recommend reading this first book in this delightful new series and each book that comes after this one! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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