My Ratings As a Reviewer!

Dear Viewers,

I have received a total of 93 ratings total! The my current average star rating from those 93 ratings is a 4.99 out of a 5!

I was both surprised and happy at the news of my current ratings as a book reviewer! I review books for 6 different companies plus, I do personal book reviews requests from my blog.

Also, just a reminder to all of you. There is a book giveaway happening right now! Check out my recent posts for the book giveaway and sign up to receive a free copy of Dancing On Rocks by a 2014 Popular Fiction Award winner, Rose Senehi!

Best Wishes,


2 thoughts on “My Ratings As a Reviewer!

  1. Hello Danielle. First of all congrats! It’s good to see people’s hard work acknowledged through numbers & tiny stars. Secondly, as someone new to querying book reviewers, can you give any advice as to how to approach a blogger? Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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    1. Thank you! It is a lot of work and takes a long time to build up a platform as a book reviewer and as a writer. I try my best to be as accurate and as fast as I can for the authors I review for and for my viewers on my blog. The best advice I can give to you, for approaching a blogger is to just be yourself, be polite and just ask them any questions you have. If they don’t respond to you after a couple of weeks I would then just move on. But I would suggest checking out that blogger’s blog. Because most of the time, bloggers do post on their blog that they will be away for a certain time period, or that school or work is keeping them busy at the moment. So, the key is to be very patient as well as being as polite as possible. As a blogger, I try responding back asap. I review book, conduct author interviews, author tours, and teach online courses. I always email back an author, and or viewer that I received their email/or book/ or whatever they sent me and that I will get back to them asap. I also try to give them a time limit and if anything pops up on my I make sure to let them know asap. Sorry, for the huge response back to your question! 🙂 Best of Luck!


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