Book Review: Made For You (Book 2) by Candace Werts

Candace Werts has done it again! Her second novel is just as tempting as her first one. It is hard to put her second novel down! I loved reading about Marcia and David’s story.  Marcia has everything that she could ever want, especially the one and only David Parker. Things are really good for her now until.. a person’s head is found at her door. Then everything goes downhill from there. Who does the head belong to? Who brought it to her door? And what secrets is Marcia hiding that may go from hidden to being opened up? What happens between her and David? Will her friendships survive with her two friends Carmen and Giselle? Or will their friendships be destroyed beyond repair? I highly would recommend those who love a romance story with drama, intrigue, and spice! I found this novel to highly entertaining and one that I would re-read all over again! Those who want more from this talented author need to look out for her third novel in this passion, suspense filled series! Made For You  is a 5 out of 5 stars book! Definitely, a must read for everyone!

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