A Follower’s Reply to the Writing Assingment

Assignment was: Take 500 words to create a scene of verbal conflict between your main character and the antagonist. Include action and description if the scene needs it.


A Follower’s Response is:

“Can you understand me now?” Demanded D’var. “Yes I can now,” Asora replied. “Good maybe now I can make my intentions known,” D’var said. “And that would be?” Laxur asked in a seductive tone. “Don’t bother,” the alien said. “Your two nations have caused enough damage it is now time to bring order to the chaos that you have created. Asking doesn’t work, so we will achieve this goal by force,” D’var stated. “Oh please you couldn’t, ” Laxur was cut off as she felt her neck tighten as if some one had their hands on it. She is lifted into the air and hovers before the angry alien. “What hubris,  to believe that you think that you are superior to the multi verse which gave you life. A god among animals. Well I am here to show you how wrong you are. For we have come, and like a desolating storm. In the wake of the carnage. A new order will rise!”

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