Cafe Shop Mystery Part #1

Ana was sipping her steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee, when the shop’s door bell rang. Entering a stranger to the small quiet town. The man stood at least 6 feet in height with broad shoulders. Something told her that he was lost. His dark hair was messy, and he seemed cold from the cool weather they were having. Fall after all was chilly. He looked about the room, almost as if judging who to talk to. His eyes finally rested upon Ana’s. Yep, there was something about this man.. that intrigued her senses. Waiting for the man to approach her, she continued to hold his gaze. Just then Belle came to the register snapping the man’s attention away from Ana. Who was he? And what was he doing here? Surely that man knew how to use a GPS to find his way back to wherever he was headed. But instead, here he was. Tall, messy, cold and not to mention attractive.

Ana was intrigued by this new stranger. To find out more, she decided to head up by Belle and see what was going on. But to her disappointment he left. Leaving the cafe shop’s door ringing behind him.

“Belle, who was that stranger and what did he need?”

“He didn’t say his name. Even though I asked. But he did say he was lost and needing instructions for the old farm house. So, I told him how to get there and he thanked me then left. Why?”

“Just curious, is all.”

“Uh huh, sure you are. With that man’s good looks any woman would be tempted to know who he was.”

Laughing, Belle headed back to make more orders. Ana didn’t know why a stranger suddenly was  interested in the old farm house. No one has lived there in ages. And there were rumors that the original owner’s ghost haunted the farm. Keeping everyone else from buying it. The big question, was what was the stranger looking for? Grabbing her purse and leaving a tip for Belle. Ana decides to head on up to the old farm house to have a look.

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