Online Course Fundraiser!

Dear Viewers,

I will be hosting a series of very affordable online creative writing courses as a fundraiser to raise money for a Historical Writing course that I really would love to take to enhance my creative writing skills in order to provide more help to all of you as well as helping me understand more about that topic itself.

The online courses will be $5 each.  You can pay me by sending the $5.00 to my PayPal address at:

The courses will range from the following:

– Creating Story Ideas

– Introduction to Romance Writing

– Introduction to Paranormal Writing

– How to Write Perfect Book Reviews for Companies that Pay

– Writing and Publishing Short Stories

Each one of these courses will will begin Friday and are self-paced. They also provide a one-on-one feedback from me on each lesson covered in the course. Which means not only will you be provided and taught the steps in writing in each course but will also, get free honest feedback and editing on your work. I will coach you along your way until you have completed the course(s). Plus after completing each course you will receive a free PDF certificate indicating the course you took, and how many hours you completed.

If you are interested in taking any of the courses, please email at:  ;this will let me know how many people will be taking what course.

Thank you,


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