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A mug of hot chocolate was kept beside my bed. Pulling a blanket over my legs, I was sitting comfortably and lost in thoughts, in my cozy bedroom, holding a pen in one hand and keeping a diary in front, I picked up the mug and took a long sip, feeling the hot chocolate pouring down through my throat and giving me a warmth feeling.

It was a cold December night, around 11 ‘o’ clock, as soon as a string of thoughts passed through my mind, I started penning them down in my diary. As I was writing, I heard some noise from outside, but ignored it of being some noisy chilly breeze passing by. But, then, I felt  chilly, like as if all the warmth of my room was fading away, and that coldness made me divert my concentration from my diary to that open window, on the front wall through which that chilly breeze was entering my room.

I stood up and started walking to bolt that mischievous window, as soon as I reached to it, I took a glimpse of outside and became breathless. I couldn’t believe at the view in front of me. The whole land outside had turned pink with no house or person out there. Anxiety rose to my head and then suddenly, I heard a knock on my bedroom’s door………..

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