Comparing Lais of Marie de France with Modern-day Romances (My Literature Response)

Lais of Marie de France is very similar to the modern-day romances.  One way in which both the lais of Marie de France and modern-day romances are similar is that they share one theme. The theme of lovers in a hostile world; oppressive marriages and social conventions.  Lais of Marie de France contained all of these within its story.  Lanval refused the Queen of a secret and adulterous affair. The Queen went and lied to the King about Lanval.  Lanval was granted a trial to prove of his innocence. He tried telling the King of his beautiful lady that he was deeply in love with but the King and the others didn’t believe him. It wasn’t until later in the trial, Lanval’s beautiful lady comes to his aid proving his innocence.  Lanval, declaring love for his beautiful lady proved true. Thus, this went with the story of chivalric adventures of knights and their ladies.

Modern-day romances portray the men as knights and their adventures as chivalric. The men in these modern-day romances show loyalty and obedience to their women (ladies).  Lovers in a hostile world is most common for modern-day romances. Characters in romance stories have to fight their way through their hostile world to fight for their love. Lanval denied the Queen of an affair because of his loyalty and unwavering love for his lady. This also applies to modern-day romances. One or both of the characters in the modern-day romances does exactly what Lanval did for his lady. Lanval declared his love for his lady and was obedient and loyal to his lady even when in trouble. The characters from modern-day romances declare their loyal and obedient love for each other even when they are facing so many problems in their own hostile world. Also, many modern-day romances are about social conventions and oppressive marriages as well.

In both lais of Marie de France and in modern-day romances, women played more central roles. In Lanval’s story, both the Queen and his beautiful lady played more central roles. In modern-day romances, women play more centrals such as playing the heroine.  Both lais of Marie de France and modern-day romances target an audience mostly made up of women.  The purpose of these stories are the ambiguous moral messages within the stories themselves.

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