Book Review: Normal by Danielle Pearl


Danielle Pearl has a talent like no other author. Her stunning novel, Normal, was out of this world! The characters are so realistic and believable that readers will be laughing, crying, and falling in love. Aurora also known as Rory, goes through a ton of traumatizing events before her life is turned upside down. Having been a tomboy growing up, Rory did everything to fit in. She was friends with the mayor’s daughter and started dating the mayor’s son. That alone was the one thing she should have never done. Dating Rubin, an older high school student who was the town’s pro football star, was a huge mistake. Rory was at first fascinated by Rubin. He was good looking and cool. But once they start dating Rubin shows his true side. Rory soon experiences Rubin’s ugly and brutal side. He forces himself upon her and has major anger issues. Rory turns to her dad about what Rubin is doing. And her father only tells her not to tell anyone and pushes her to be with Rubin. Rory wants her father’s affection more than anything, but as things escalate way out of control, she dumps Rubin. She then goes to the only person who is her true friend and defends hers every time. Cam is her best friend since they were three. Cam has loved Rory since they first became friends and still does. Rory doesn’t realize that until it’s too late. After telling Cam about how Rubin and her father treated her, he becomes so anger. But seeing Rory’s fear and sadness, he calms her. Then leaves her only to be found dead later on. Rory finds out that her one and only best friend died in a car accident. Now she feels more alone than ever. Her mother divorces Rory’s father and moves them to where she grew up. Back up north, Rory and her mom live together starting new lives. Soon Rory makes new friends and finds a new love. Sam the best looking guy in school, wants to be Rory’s friend. He makes it his responsibility to take care of her. But will Rory let him be her friend? Will their friendship prove to be more than just friends? And what about Sam’s friend who is jealous of Rory? What happens when Sam convinces Rory to go on a spring vacation? Will her past come and find her? And what will Rory do after her past comes back to find her and puts Sam in danger? I enjoyed reading this exciting, brilliant masterpiece by Danielle Pear! She definitely knows how to lure her readers in with a compelling story unlike anything I have ever read before. I have no doubt that readers everywhere will fall in love with her novel the same way I did. I recommend readers to pick this book up and start reading it! I can’t wait to read book two in this spectacular series! Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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