Book Review: Murphy the Gold Rush Dog by Alison Hart

download (5)This exciting adventure novel is one that children and adults will love. The story is told by Murphy’s point of view. I found Alison Hart’s book to be very fun, unique, and educational. Children and adults can learn so much by reading this lovable story! Learning about the gold rush and  the hard life that people lived through in Alaska. The climate there is very harsh. Readers will love following Murphy the gold rush dog, Sally the little girl, and Sally’s mother as they try to make a living. Will Sally be able to keep Murphy or will his awfully mean owner come back to get him? Will Sally and her mother be able to find gold? What hardships come their way?

I enjoyed reading this brilliant novel and following the characters as their journeys continued. I believe that this book can definitely be considered as a crossover. Alison Hart has written a beautiful story with amazing characters. Her stunning plot will keep you reading! I also enjoyed learning more about Alaska and the hardships of life there. I would definitely recommend this novel to readers everywhere to pick up and read. A very fascinating story that comes to life on every page. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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