Questions with Author Ilona Andrews

Can you briefly tell us readers what you new upcoming novel is about without spoiling it or us? Can you tell us readers about any future projects that you are currently working on? What inspired you to become an author? And why? How did you come about choosing to write paranormal romance novels? What book(s) excluding your own, would you say are your favorite to read and why?

The novel is about what happens when you let an elite group of people have incredible power. 🙂 Let me point you to our series website. We broke down magic system and Houses and all the cool bells and whistles.

Currently we are working on the next book in Kate Daniels series, which is titled Magic Shifts.

I wasn’t inspired to become an author. I simply wrote because I wanted to get the stories out of my head. It’s a kind of compulsion that I don’t fully understand to this day.

As well, I didn’t really sit down and say, “I want to write paranormal romance or urban fanasty.” I kind of just write things down and worry about how to classify them later.

My favorite reads change. Right now I am really enjoying Jeaniene Frost, Jack Campbell, and Terry Pratchett. They make me forget to edit while I read. 😀

What would say are the most important skills for a writer in your profession? Which part of creating a novel would you say is the hardest? The plot? The characters? Extending the novel outline? Or writing dialogue?

The most important skill for a writer is to be a good reader.

The beginning is the hardest. Everything follows it. We often rewrite the beginnings after the first draft is done. As far as individual elements of the novel, we don’t really look at them as separate. That’s something that is usually a function of critique. All those things you mentioned blends together into a story when we are writing and the story either works or it doesn’t.

Ms. Andrews, can you tell us readers what it was like during your first year as a bestselling author? What is your advice to those pursuing to become paranormal romance authors? What is your schedule like as a bestselling author? Can you tell us readers, which one of your characters from your upcoming novel, Burn For Me, was your favorite one to write and why? Which one was your hardest character to write and why?

We broke NYT extended with our second book, and at that time we still had our day jobs. That year was a little bit difficult because we both worked, helped with homework, made dinner, etc, and then after everything, we wrote a couple of hours a night.

My advice would be not let this business make you crazy. It pushes you very hard toward becoming neurotic. Authors tend to be control freaks and once that contract is signed, you control very little. But before there can be a contract, you have to learn to perfect you craft and not settle for good enough. You have to learn to push yourself to give each story your personal best. Some might be better stories, some worse, but I think if you commit completely and do your absolute best each time, eventually it will pay off.

I liked writing Nevada and Rogan the best. They are hilarious together.

The hardest character? Probably Nevada and Rogan. We had to get them right.

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