Book Review: A Yorkshire Christmas by Kate Hewitt

A Yorkshire Christmas is funny, sweet, and a tempting read. Readers everywhere will fall in love with Kate Hewitt’s novel. An irresistible yet perfect holiday romance story that will melt your heart this season.  A wealthy city girl, Claire Lindall, isn’t looking nor expecting to fall in love with a man during the holidays. But, the Christmas season has it’s own surprise waiting for her. Claire maybe a wealthy city girl, but she can be down to earth as well. She helps the sexy Noah Bradford with getting one of his sheep out of the road even when it means it might destroy her designer clothes and shoes. She is the perfect character that readers can connect easily with as well as the new man in her life. Noah Bradford makes Claire fall in love with him. His looks and mannerism has her falling hard. But will she be the only one falling in love? Or will  Noah Bradford also be falling in love the  one woman who turns his world around? I absolutely loved reading this book! I was hooked instantly and I have no doubt that reader all over will not enjoy reading this incredible story too. I would recommend this Christmas novel to everyone. Readers beware, you will fall in love and won’t be able to put the book down! Overall, I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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