Book Review: Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen

Earls Just Want to Have Fun is an exciting twist to a historical contemporary romance novel unlike any I have ever read! Readers will be dazzled by the Marlowe. A little girl of a Duchess who went missing as a little girl, when she was taken in by a mean thief. Her nanny took her to a park and form there she lost her way form her nanny.  Since then Elizabeth aka Marlowe goes on living under harsh environments, beatings, and the life of stealing. Marlowe doesn’t know what love is until a brother of an Earl finds her claiming that she is indeed the Elizabeth that has been missing all these years. She is then placed into Dane’s care. Dane is an Earl whom at first feels annoyed at having a woman holed up in his house. She is a thief and everything that his kind do not associate with. But under all that there is a fiery woman who calls and beckons him close. It isn’t long before the thief that took Elizabeth under his wing comes after her. He threatens to kill her and harm the people she has come to care very much about. Only this time she has a plan. Both her and Dane come up with a plan to rid of the brutal thief forever. But will their plan work? Will Marlowe aka Elizabeth and Dane stand a chance of pulling of the greatest scheme of all? And what about their love? Will Dane let Marlowe walk away from him forever or will he go after her and convince never toe her to take him in? Will Marlowe find her parents? Or will they be lost to her and never to be found? This novel is one of a kind. Never will readers read a romantic twist like Shana Galen has so talented written for her countless numbers of readers.  I fell in love reading this story and I have no doubt others will love it too. Therefore, I recommend readers all over to begin reading this sizzling romance! Overall, I rate the brilliant book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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