Book Review: Cover Story by Rachel Bailey

Cover Story nabbed my interest just because of its title. It peaked my interest as to how the cover went along with its book title. Soon, I discovered how they were deeply connected. This story is about a young woman who has spent eight years of her life earning her degree in Journalism and working for the Santa Fe Newspaper. Her editor decided that she should cover a much lesser cover story like the one she was assigned recently. Her investigation for the gnome story issue appeared to be nothing less than a few statues having been broken and the police having laughed at a man’s daughter for calling them about the incident. What Tobi Fletcher discovers is that each person in the neighborhood has their own opinion as to how a murder happened. And what is even more frustrating is her crazy attraction towards Simon. The one man whose daughter was laughed at by the police because the gnome incident. As Tobi writes her story not only does her editor love it but so do many others. Soon Tobi has tons of readers reading what she writes. Will share finally let her feelings for Simon loose? And what will happen to her writing career?

I loved reading this stunning novel by Rachel Bailey. Her character Tobi spoke strongly to me as a writer. I share the same need “to write that big story”. I also enjoyed the well written plot as well as the minor characters. The book is definitely a must read! Not only to readers who are interested in writing but for readers that love a romance and a book that is intriguing. I would recommend reading Cover Story. It is a novel that you won’t want to stop reading nor miss out on reading. Overall, I rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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