Book Review: My Husband’s Other Women by Regina Swanson


My Husband’s Other Women is a novel that will lead readers thinking one thing, when the story is about another thing. The title made me think that the man was a cheater. But he was a man of many beautiful women. A man who didn’t want to marry and yet. One woman who caught his heart and can deal with his crap made him settle down. His new woman has to deal with her husband’s other women. A challenge that most women wouldn’t be able to or wouldn’t want to deal with and yet, Rayvon Laws has found a tough women who proved to be everything he wanted with a few surprises of her own. Will his wife Stacy try to be what her husbands wanted in all his other women or will she find out new things about herself that even she didn’t know?

I was highly surprised in Regina Swanson’s novel.  I read the title thinking I knew exactly what this book was about and then I found out that I was completely wrong. I was intrigued by the story’s plot and the well written characters as well. This book was a completely new perspective in the romance genre than I am use to, but overall the book proved to be well worth reading. I would recommend other readers to read this book by Regina Swanson. You will be surprised just like I was and hooked. I rate My Husband’s Other Women a 5 out of 5 stars.

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