Book Review: Only Enchanting by Mary Balough

Only Enchanting is by far the most fantastic historical contemporary romance novel that has been written! The story is about a man named Flavian whose fiancee runs away from him only to return much later. Everyone is expecting the engagement to continue and or flourish. But Flavian runs this time. He soon finds Agnes. A sensible woman that allures him to her.  Agnes falls in love with Flavian but when his fiancee returns, Agnes, his new brides runs away. Will Flavian let his new bride run away lost to him forever? Or will he too fall in love with the woman who loves him just as deeply?

This romantic novel caught my eye from the start and kept me reading until I finished the whole book! Only Enchanting will be keep you enchanted forever.  I loved the characters, setting and interesting plot. Mary Balough has a well written romance novel that readers will find alluring and tempting with each new page that they read. I recommend this novel to all readers who love contemporary romances with a historical setting. Overall, I rate this beautiful novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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