Book Review: The Temp by Emily Benet

The Temp is an aspiring romantic novel that will capture readers interest. such as it did with mine. Amber, a young woman, freshly out of college is currently temping. She heads over to an art gallery where her friends are and meets a man by the name of Elliot. He is a handsome man whom both attracts and anger Amber. But will there be sparks between the two? And will Amber be able to snatch her dream career as well as getting Elliot in her life? Or will she fail at her attempt to have both?

This novel is one that I can read over and over again. I love stories that cover characters who go through life just like us readers do and struggle with realistic obstacles. Emily Benet has succeeded in conveying this into her wonderful romance novel. The well written plot is one that I enjoyed reading. No reader can read this book and say that it is not a 5 star book. The compelling characters, plot, and intrigue will lure everyone in faster than they will realize. Overall, I recommend this book to every reader.

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