Book Review: Until You Find Me by Amber Hart

Until You Find Me  is a unique novel with an amazing well written plot. The plot sends you deep into a jungle where a woman’s father was killed. He had spent his life rescuing the endangered species of gorillas.  As soon as she goes out into the jungle young Raven Moore meets a man that lures her in every way possible. Raven wants to find out the truth about her father’s death. And will Raven find out the the handsome man is connected to her father’s death? And what about the attraction the keeps building between the two?  Both of their father’s are sworn enemies. Will their love survive the haunting truths and the different life styles? Or will their differences keep them apart?

Amber Hart has created the best contemporary romance novel ever! Alluring, suspenseful, and a story that heats up as the plot continues. I enjoyed reading Until You Find Me. I fell in love with the incredible and most believing characters that I have read about so far. This is a must read novel. A novel that I would recommend to readers everywhere to pick up and read. Overall, I rate the boo a 5 out of 5 stars.

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