What Authors Need to Do!

The reviews posted on Amazon, or on Goodreads, or on websites are precious! These reviews are from individual readers who  (hopefully) enjoy reading your works. Readers, on the whole, write very few reviews for many reasons: too busy, not really knowing the specifics of why they like the work, not having the background (read vocabulary) to discuss the work, or it is just to much trouble.

Authors need to make it easy as possible for readers to recommend their books by:

  • creating links
  • making use of editorial (read: professional) reviews that will give recreational readers the vocabulary from which to discuss and share their thoughts about their works
  • thanking the busy reader for any feedback, LIKEs, +1′s etc.
  • Post, comment, LIKE, and +1  on the reviewer’s social media posts and blog-posts.

Consumer Reviews are instrumental in creating BUZZ! You, the author, should endeavor to do anything that will make it easier for your readers to spread the word about your work.

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